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              AN AMERICAN DREAM

              WSU senior Behnam Mozafari made his way to the United States to pursue his goal of becoming a police officer.

              AI for agriculture

              WSU will lead a multi-institutional research effort to develop artificial intelligence solutions to tackle some of agriculture’s biggest challenges related to labor, water, weather and climate change.

              First physicians

              The first class of medical doctors from the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is ready to make a difference.

              Working to improve lives and communities

              Abby Griffith, a 2021 WSU graduate, advocates for people with disabilities.

              Meet the 2021 Top Ten Seniors

              WSU recognizes graduating students who represent the highest standards in academics, athletics, campus involvement, community service, and visual and performing arts.

              More than just numbers

              WSU math professor Sergey Lapin seeks ways to combat serious diseases, among other applications of mathematics.


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